Ask more of what you have

because you deserve better

Infragloss, the supplier of kitchen and furniture producer by decorative boards. We are manufacturing modern and latest trends boards by durable and affordable since 2008. Because We have been believing that everyone deserves better than what they have..

We are creating products that enable people to express themselves and meet their needs to create awareness in the areas they live in Infragloss. High Gloss and Super Matt face on board to  Kitchen, furniture and interior design solution with Lacquered UV coating panel, Silk  Touch Anti-fingerprint Lacquer finish, Acrylic Panel, and Ped Foil Board.

Silk Touch Effect on Lacquered Uv coating board .Anti-fingerprint,anti-bacterial and high scratch resist . Super Matt cabinets are creates awareness for a modern and elite looking.

We’re proud of Infragloss customers in 20 country thanks to them we able to touch and feel hundreds of life style.

Infragloss High gloss panels are anti -scratch resistance with Super gloss Uv lacquered boards and Acrylic finish.

Respect Our Planet

Infragloss panels are producing by core E1 MDF (Medium Density Board ).These are environmentally friendly way using timber.It’s produced from quickly growing pine woodlands which are regularly replenished that take between 15 & 40 years to mature .Infragloss high gloss boards manufacturing process ,all raw materials are made into finished by taking precautions against environmental pollution.