HHigh-gloss kitchen cabinets reflect daylight and night lighten. Its makes you feel your kitchen larger and relief even smaller spaces. Thanks to premium high gloss technology high gloss kitchen cabinet provided easy cleaning, durability and scratch resistant surface with colorful options according to your style.
No doubt you deserved living in a modern and comfortable space that if you choose a High gloss kitchen cabinet on your kitchen.

Infragloss is manufacturing High Gloss Panel. We produce a variety of finish with  PVC, acrylic, and ındustrial lacquered on MDF to high gloss kitchens. 

Industrial Lacquered UV Panel to High gloss kitchen cabinet.

The kitchen doors made industiral Lacquered UV  panel   is more suited and durable to a contemporary-style kitchen with flat cabinet fronts than it is for a traditional-lacquered paint kitchen cabinet.The latest technologies used in industrial lacquered panels provide the kitchen doors with scratch-resistance , miror effect ,easy cleaning and smooth surface. The industrial lacquered products are much more modern and produced with last technology compared with traditional lacquered painted kitchen doors.
In this purpose that technology is creating a wide range of colors and designs and to offer the product the perfect surface to the end consumer.